Military/Veteran & Military Spouse

Provider Comment Usually offered at a military installation.
ClearedJobs.Net Always open to anyone who holds a Secret Clearance or higher.
Corporate Gray The founder Carl Savior was the first to offer career fairs for transitional military. Most of his career fairs are focused to active and retired military. Some include spouses, and periodically Carl offers one for professional job seekers.
Freedom Career Service A National Career Fairs URL focuses on transitioning military, veterans and Diversity candidates. However, these career fairs are open to all.
Job Zone Online Military focused. Some career fairs are for military veterans and family members only, and some are open to all. Some of Janet Giles career fairs are strictly open to all.
Military Connection A small selection that is drawn from a small sweep of the web. Also offers a listing of virtual career fairs that are in truth links to employers who claim to be military/veteran friendly. This virtual list currently contains 160 employers. A job seeker clicks on the employer site to see what the employer does, and can then click to view job openings and post a resume.
Military Edge Career Fairs are primarily in the south, near a military installation. Current listings are for Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California.
Military MOJO A new site offering an extensive career fair outing that requires preregistration. Career fairs are for officers, sometimes but not always including Warrant and E-9s. Can sign up for notices. Not many listings as yet, but scattered across the country.
RecruitMilitary Strictly for transitioning military, veterans and sometimes spouses.
SecurityClearanceEXPO Always focused to anyone who has a clearance.
TAOnline An aggregator of career fair listing that is quite accurate. Focuses on career fairs offered to the military and to the veteran. Also lists hiring events of Orion and Bradley.
TargetedJobs Focused to those who hold a clearance. Offers hosting for employers. Focused in the Eastern half of the country for the most part. Texas is the farthest west their fairs have been identified on their web site.
Tech Expo Focused on the eastern half of the US.
TransitionCareers Heavily focused to the East Coast but offers some career fairs in Ohio, Texas and the West Coast.
US Chamber of Commerce A national coverage that lists career fairs by date.
VeteranRecruiting This is a site of a monthly virtual career fair for active duty, veteran, and military spouses. In February it is strictly for Officers, in May for military spouses.
VetReady National coverage but must pre-register for all of their career fairs. Relatively new and apparently just getting started. Not too many career fairs offered yet.
West Point Society Periodic offerings at major military installations. Local Washington, DC contact is Carl Savino. Career Fair offerings have been no more than four a year across the nation. These career fairs are for officers, current and veteran only. Not a requirement to be an academy grad of any of the academies.
VetJobs Comprehensive listing of career fairs focused to the transitioning and transitioned military person. Site asks for permission to be obtained by other than state DoL counselors. Ted Dawalt, VetJobs, in Atlanta is the President and will gladly cooperate. If Ted's contact info is needed, let me know.