Private Sector focused

Open to all unless otherwise specified in the listing

Provider Comment
Advance Healthcare Offers both live and online career fairs for professionals in the Healthcare industry.
Career MD Site that offers evening career fairs across the country for Physicians. Most gatherings are in a hotel and run from 5 PM to 8 or 9 PM. Listings are chronological rather than by location.
Career Showcase A small listing of small career fairs in cities in New England, New York, New Jersey and Florida. Attendees must register for these career fairs. Career Fairs are for local business and small offices of large organizations such as financial, insurance, etc.
Catalyst Career Group Career fairs offered across the country but in scattered locations. Does not compete with National Career Fairs in size. Focuses on Professional careers.
Choice Career Fairs Similar to Catalyst. Focuses on the generalist who is professional, i.e., exempt versus non-exempt in the workplace.
Coast to Coast Same as Catalyst and Choice. More so with Catalyst than with Choice in terms of attendees.
Diversity Hiring Expos Offers career fairs focused to Diversity, EEO, as well as general professionals. Career fairs are in the southeast with an occasional career fair in Texas.
Diversity Job Fairs Focuses on EEO, Diversity, Bilingual but open. Many career fairs are on the East Coast and Texas.
Equal Opportunity Publications Career Fairs are for EEO/Diversity, and STEM candidates.
Job Expo A totally private sector focused career fair provider that often partners with other providers to facilitate costs or administration of a career fair. Handles some of the Washington Post career fairs.
LATCareers National in coverage. Focus is on Latino professionals. However, it is open to professionals. Sometimes presents joint career fairs with General career providers such as Nationwide, PSI, and others.
Nation Wide Job Fairs Requires preregistration and sometimes does not show the street location of the job fair until the last minute. Upon registration the job seeker gets confirmation and the actual location.
National Career Fairs Depending on the specifics of the address can get either a state by state offering where the job seeker than must go into the state to find the city, then click on the city for the time, date and location. Another option is to access the list by city within eight regions beginning with the northeast. There the list is alphabetical by city and on the year's calendar.
Nemnet Minority Recruitment This is a listing of academic opportunities where the career fairs are at local schools, usually private schools. The job seeker on seeing a city location must Google the school for the address. Pre- registration is required. Most of the career fairs are in the Northeast but a few are as far south as Atlanta, GA. Site is for Nursing, almost exclusively for the Registered Nurse. Locations vary.
Premium Job Fairs These career fairs for the professional/business individual and the fairs are in four locations in the Northeast, Boston, Hartford, New York and Baltimore, MD.
PSI Scattered across the country, for Diversity and Professionals. Offerings are both career fairs and networking conferences.
United Career Fairs Scattered nationally. Focus is on Sales of all types.
Washington Post The Washington Post offers career fairs in Washington, DC at its offices and in Northern Virginia. The career fairs held at the Post's location are run by JobExpo. These fairs usually have three pavilions, one for security clearance holders, one for technical and engineering, and one either for general professionals or Nursing and Healthcare.
Women for Hire Now is offering only virtual career fairs. Some are focused regionally, others are national. Job seekers must register online for these career fairs. Four such career fairs are currently being offered. One per quarter.